Analytics-Based Portfolio Identification to Drive the Shift from Brand-Centricity to Customer Centricity

Pharmaceutical companies have historically been organizationally siloed — leading to what is often an inefficient brand-centric approach to marketing and communication.  

Because branded drugs can cost upwards of a billion dollars to bring to market, pharmaceutical companies often dedicate entire marketing and sales teams to the promotion of a single offering, yet often times — multiple brands within an organization are competing against each other to communicate with the same audience of physician targets. 

By utilizing association rules algorithms in conjunction with network analytics, our AffinityMAP methodology can quickly identify where pockets of customer overlap exist within an organization — and identify potential portfolio-sell opportunities across the organization.

Insights gleaned from this analysis have the power to help companies reduce costs by facilitating the shift from a siloed, brand-to-HCP sales and marketing scheme to a comprehensive, cross-organizational, customer-centric strategy.