We deliver innovative healthcare marketing analytics products and consulting services that allow our clients to measure past performance, predict future business outcomes, and optimize business decisions based on predicted outcomes.

Through an artful combination of data, mathematics, statistics, computer science, pedagogical storytelling, and expertise in healthcare marketing strategy, we work with clients to answer tough questions that require multiple levels of analytical rigor & sophistication:

We recognize that healthcare marketing analytics has rapidly matured in recent years. No one individual analyst can answer every type of question, or solve every type of problem - unicorns don't exist. 

To perform healthcare marketing analytics at a high level of excellence, a team with complementary skill sets is required - so we have built a world-class team around five key competency areas in order to most effectively help drive our client's business forward:

Data Strategy

Data Strategy is the art of framing business problems within the language of analytics. Data strategists are responsible for identifying and defining key performance metrics across a variety of channels, tactics, and sources at all stages of the patient & HCP journey.

Key questions that our Data Strategy team helps our clients solve:

  • What data sets are required to answer the business question at hand?
  • What analytics techniques/approaches are best suited for the business problem?
  • What are the set of Key Performance Indicators/metrics needed to quantify the business problem?
  • What actions will the business take as a result of the analysis?
  • How long will the project take – and what resources will we need?

Data Engineering

Our data engineering group is responsible for all things related to data integration, automation, repeatability, and manipulation. They apply set theory and relational algebra to help solve critical client business challenges through the language of SQL and big data technologies.

They are our special sauce. They enable everything that we do.

Key questions that our data engineering team helps our clients solve:

  • What is the most efficient way to store massive customer data sets?
  • How can we marry data from multiple, disparate sources?
  • Can we find a way to automate a dashboard deliverable, or a predictive analytics deliverable?
  • What is the most efficient way to develop a certain query in order to reduce computation time & costs?

Data Science

Our data science group is responsible for predicting the future and simulating future outcomes. They help us predict future outcomes through the usage of machine learning and statistical techniques. For example, they may help us predict patient non-adherence based on real-world behavioral data to help develop more effective CRM campaigns, or by leveraging prescriptive analytics that identify strategies to maximize patient access to therapy. They use techniques that heavily rely on probability, statistics, linear algebra, and algorithmic design on a daily basis

Key questions that our data science team helps our clients solve:

  • Which HCPs are most likely to try, adopt, and remain loyal to my product?
  • If a customer prescribes product A, how likely are they to also prescribe product B?
  • Given $10MM, what is the right time of year for my brand to invest in media to achieve the best possible results?
  • Is my discount strategy right? Is there an optimal strategy to maximize access to my product?
  • Is there specific content that is most relevant for specific groups of my target customers? Can we tailor content to those audiences in a predictive manner?

Business Intelligence & Data Visualization

Our BI/data visualization experts are responsible for making data both beautiful, and strategically-relevant for our clients. Great data visualization allows our clients to gain a clear, intuitive understanding of complex marketing & healthcare phenomena. They are also responsible for the design and execution of best-in-class integrated marketing dashboards and reports.

Key questions that our BI/Data Visualization team helps our clients solve:

  • What is the story that we're trying to tell with the data?
  • What is the clearest possible way of telling that story?
  • Does the visualization lead to more questions? If so - are they the right questions?
  • What is the best way to display this information as an interactive dashboard?
  • What elements should we provide user control for vs. what should be guided?

Digital Analytics

Our digital analytics team plays a specialized role, responsible for analyzing how customer utilize and engage with digital platforms & media. They work hand-in-hand with our creative teams, UX designers, and partner media teams to utilize data to continually improve digital platforms to create delightful customer experiences. They also deploy attribution modeling and advanced analytics techniques to uncover customer-level insights to uncover how digital channels work together to drive purchase intent.

Key questions that our digital analytics team helps our clients solve:

  • Are our customers exhibiting concomitant with a positive experience on our brand website?
  • Are our paid campaigns driving to the right content? Are users finding what they need? Are they intrigued to learn more about the brand?
  • Which paid media channels are driving the highest conversion rate?
  • How are my paid channels working together to drive conversion?
  • What is the volume and sentiment of online conversation about our brand in social?