Saatchi Wellcast: Data Analytics in Health – how health organizations connect with the people they serve

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Data analytics, artificial intelligence, and algorithms are in the news, but what are they really? And how do healthcare companies use these technologies to more meaningfully connect with patients?

On this episode of the Wellcast, we look at how companies like Saatchi Wellness use data analytics every day. We cover issues like working securely with sensitive health data, how data helps companies speak with more empathy, and why every organization needs a good data champion.

We explore it all with help from Robin Palley and Liz Barrows from the pioneering analytics firm Epsilon, and Saatchi Wellness’ own Kevin Troyanos and Andrew Ghosh.

Curious for more? Biotech experts discussed whether machine learning will produce new drug discoveries by 2022 ( And in October 2019, John Seabrook asks if AI can learn to write for the New Yorker in “The Next Word” (

Written by Kevin Troyanos

I lead the Analytics & Data Science practice at Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness. I have focused my career within the healthcare marketing analytics space, empowering healthcare marketers with data-driven strategic guidance while developing innovative solutions to healthcare marketing problems through the power of data science. I’ve worked to measure, predict, and optimize marketing and business outcomes across personal, non-personal, digital, and social channels. I’ve led engagements with brands that span all stages of the product lifecycle, with a particular focus on established brands. My role is to guide the departmental vision and lead innovation initiatives, effectively positioning marketing analytics as a competitive differentiator and organic growth driver for the agency at large.

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