“Hello Data… London Calling”

Marketing and Advertising Buzzword Bingo surely includes ‘data’ as a square…but many in healthcare marketing and advertising (in Europe especially) aren’t sure what it really means, what is possible, or how/if they can apply it to their work.

Over two days, Maryann Kuzel (EVP Health Strategy and Analytics, PH) along with leaders from our SSW Analytics team, Allegra Mira (Group Director of Data Strategy, SSW),  and Kevin Troyanos (SVP Analytics, SSW) facilitated workshops with over 100 people at our PH London offices to help them understand the basics of data in healthcare, but also, importantly, how to co-create key business questions (KBQs) with our clients to truly uncover meaningful and actionable data insights.


In the world of pharma, ‘data’ has historically been only related to the drug—efficacy markers, adverse event rates, p-values, discontinuation rates, etc. With increasing cost pressures, pharma is openly embracing technology to provide drug development efficiencies and improve product development. Meanwhile, many are missing out on the capability of technology to also transform marketing activity, potentially leading to more effective and efficient marketing spend.


Unfortunately, pharma seems to struggle to transfer their high comfort level with drug-related data into the world of marketing data. The US has progressed in this area, in part through the influence of DTC advertising and reduced data privacy expectations of citizens and HCPs. However, outside the US, the ability of how to effectively apply, measure and analyse data is low with many life sciences/pharma organisations at the lower end of the data maturity curve. Adding to the sense of mystery surrounding data, there is a perception that outside of the US, useful data isn’t available, but we know that isn’t the case.


Data Activation is one of the six transformative forces in healthcare that Publicis Health has identified to give clients a competitive edge. We believe a robust data strategy can reveal truths and opportunities with the potential to fundamentally shift how a company manages their business. We realise that in order for our teams outside of the US to demystify data for our clients, we must first demystify data for our teams. So, in September, we leveraged the Power of One and invited the SSW Analytics team to London to give actionable meaning to the ‘data’ buzzword.

Our Publicis Health UK teams left these sessions with a greater understanding of the role data can play to help their clients win, but also empowered through proven processes and  frameworks that enable them to more effectively lead their clients through the transformation required to activate data and outpace the competition.

Written by Megan Howard, Director Business Transformation & Client Partnerships at Publicis Health

Megan is responsible for driving business transformation throughout Publicis Health UK to ensure we are bringing seamless collaboration to life for our clients delivered through the ‘Power of One. She is also responsible for business development throughout Publicis Health in the UK and France.

She has over 15 years with Publicis Health and over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, including positions at leading agencies, Saatchi & Saatchi Health New York, and as a pharmaceutical sales representative for Parke-Davis. Megan moved to London nearly 8 years ago, where she ran Publicis LifeBrands London for nearly five years, and orchestrated the turn around of a struggling agency into the leading Publicis Health agency in the UK in 2015.

Megan holds a BA in Biology from Colgate University (USA).

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