The Analytics Revolution

There’s an analytics revolution taking place that’s driving marketing and business transformation in the pharmaceutical industry. To win in the new Outcome Economy where even specialty drugs quickly become commodities, pharmaceutical companies must also compete and win on data and analytics. Leaders that embrace analytics to create predictive customer intelligence, power personalized and anticipatory experiences, connect the healthcare ecosystem, and institutionalize real-time data decision-making across the organization will outpace the competition — winning on growth in productivity, revenue, profitability, and customer experience.

To harness our collective power in helping our clients win on data and analytics, Publicis Health held its first global, community-wide data and analytics summit on April 30 in New York City. More than 80 analytics professionals attended from our 17 health agencies, our global network, and Publicis Spine. The goal of the summit was to provide education and inspiration across our data and analytics community, as well as to foster Power of One collaboration and mentorship.

Publicis Health CEO Alexandra von Plato welcomed attendees to the 2018 Publicis Health Global Data & Analytics Summit.

Themed “The Future Is Now,” the summit focused on the innovative data and analytics work currently being done by each of our agencies, and broadly across the data and analytics discipline within Groupe.

Alexandra von Plato, CEO of Publicis Health, opened the summit by telling participants that one of the main purposes of the meeting was to “explore new ways to leverage our collective capabilities to translate complexities in our clients’ markets and turn these complexities into compelling narratives.”

Programming during the daylong summit included:

  • Presentations from each agency sharing their innovative work, such as sentiment analysis through facial recognition, predictive modeling, outcomes-based media measurement and optimization, and novel approaches to social media measurement.
  • A panel discussion about the role of data, the future of analytics and AI, and data privacy. The panel was moderated by Keri Hettel, SVP, Analytics at Razorfish Health, and featured outside guest speakers:
    —Rommel Nobay, owner, TechnoSapient, LLC, a healthcare analytics, data warehousing and business intelligence consultancy
    —Dr. Andrea Jones-Rooy, a social scientist specializing in complexity and diversity
    —Courtney Snavely, CTO and co-founder of Ovee, a platform that creates an inclusive ecosystem and community around women’s sexual and reproductive health
  • Case studies showcasing Publicis Groupe’s PeopleCloud, our end-to-end platform that organizes data into Publicis IDs, integrating 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data and using machine learning to match cookies, devices, and offline behaviors to actual people, in a privacy-compliant manner. In one case study, the PeopleCloud Data/Analytics solution was proven to generate an impressive 26% increase in engaged website visitors, 4.5X more registrations, and a 57% reduction in cost per lead.
  • An Analytics Lab where participants learned new skills in data engineering, data science and data visualization through hands-on training.
More than 80 attendees participated in the 2018 Publicis Health Global Data & Analytics Summit.

Here are some of the key takeaways from summit participants:

The shift to people-based marketing: “Publicis is now shifting into ‘People-Based Marketing’ in North America, which is the next evolution from previous persona or channel-based approaches. For me personally, I am excited to leverage this ‘People-Based’ power by applying it to our clinical trial recruitment activities, and alongside this, also working on how we begin to employ this approach in a global capacity.” —Charlie Hunt, Media Director Langland

Using data to connect payer-patient-provider conversations: “Payers have been requiring data/analytics metrics for many, many years when determining formulary coverage with brand appreciation always leaning to those molecules that bring the best clinical and economic value. What many agencies don’t realize is that health plan and health system opinions can make or break the success of a pharmaceutical brand, but Publicis Health gets it. After this week’s Data Analytics Summit, I feel inspired that our network is fully prepared to shape and lead a dynamic movement — one that connects payer-patient-provider conversations so we are all helping the industry achieve greater healthcare outcomes.” —Doug Wynn, RPh, EVP, Head of Strategy and Managing Partner, Maxcess Managed Markets

Combining the art and science of Data Science: “With AI and automation on the rise, they increasingly will become tools at our disposal, but where we as analysts need to continue to add value for clients is by asking principled questions and providing strategic context for data. The buzz around Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence continues to grow, but these are tools not a complete solution. These tools are part of the ‘science’ portion of our jobs, but we also need to continue to focus on the ‘art’ side as well. The combination of the two is where we can add value for our clients. The rate of data creation will continue to grow year-over-year so we will need to serve as the filter for our clients and provide contextually relevant data to facilitate insights to move their businesses forward.” —Mike Sarnoski, Manager, Analytics, Razorfish Health

Innovation through data: “Finding ways to leverage data in unexpected ways is one of the most exciting parts of working in analytics, and the Publicis Health Data and Analytics Summit provided our agencies with the opportunity to light creative sparks by sharing our experiences and near-future plans for the industry. Learning more about Heartbeat’s experiments in facial sentiment analysis, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness’s experiments in turning their analytics lens toward their own operations, and Publicis Health Media’s reimagining of publisher relations provided potential new avenues to explore, while at the same time introducing potential collaborators.” —Michael Andersen, VP/Director, Strategy & Analytics, Digitas Health

Storytelling through data: “Data is the thread in the narratives we construct for clients. While the industry is growing exponentially, many of our clients are far behind in how they leverage data to make strategic decisions to impact their businesses. Our job at Publicis Health is to help bridge this gap; to provide them with the tools, the thinking and the ties back to digital strategy so that data becomes something that empowers them versus overwhelms them.” —Michelle Bernardini, Director, Analytics, Razorfish Health

Challenge the status quo: The D&A community and mind set is all about being brave! Be brave enough to:
—Ask tough questions — even if you’re not sure how you’ll find the answer
—Try new tools and methods to find the answers, even play along the way
—Take others, including our clients, along on the journey with you
—Challenge the status quo! —Megan Howard, Director, Business Transformation & Client Partnerships, Publicis Health

Analytics Labs allowed participants to learn new skills in data engineering, data science and data visualization through hands-on training.

Participants also valued the opportunity to connect with their peers across the network. Marie Palomeque, Director, Analytics Operations, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness, saw the summit as “a great opportunity to meet talented individuals who are building foundations and sharing distinct innovative product offerings across the network. As we become more modular, it is clear that there are opportunities to collaborate and share and exchange information to best service our clients and drive business outcomes.”

Craig Moran, Director, Analytics and Data Strategy, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness, said, “As a new hire, I saw the Power of One concept enacted in a very real way. The summit really helped me to understand exactly what the Power of One means and how it sets us apart from our competitors. Analytics is inherently a cross-cutting discipline known for breaking down silos, and this fact plays directly into the Power of One concept. I saw different agencies coming together under one roof and sharing success stories and innovative plans for the future; not because a client mandated it, but because everyone in the room knew this was the way of the future and the way to shared success. Analytics professionals inherently know that breaking down silos is the only way to get the full potential out of our efforts and drive our clients’ business objectives forward.”

Overall, participants walked away feeling inspired and invigorated about what lies ahead, and with some new hands on skills to put to use now.

Maryann Kuzel leads a team of health data scientists and customer experience strategists in the application of big data, analytics and artificial intelligence across the global Publicis Health network. She has led business units, commercial teams and marketing organizations ranging in size from 10 to 100+ people. She writes and speaks extensively on data-driven customer experience transformation.

Prior to Publicis Health, Maryann worked at Omnicom for 8 years, where she built new capabilities in analytics, big data, digital, and customer experience. She began her career at Procter & Gamble, followed by positions of increasing responsibility in classic brand management for prescription and OTC medications at Bristol Myers Squibb, Roche and Bayer.

Maryann graduated with distinction from the Stern School of Business at NYU with an MBA in International Business and Economics, and received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and Business from Carnegie Mellon University.

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